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The Decisional Balance Sheet

“One reason our behaviours often seem to contradict our intentions is in no small degree, related to the fact that everything we do, or at least wish to do, has a reward as well as risk. If reward is like a behavioural accelerator, driving us toward what we want, and #risk is like the braking mechanism, stopping us from moving forward into danger, then we might be trying to reach our goal by pressing one foot on the gas and one on the brake. And often, we’re not prepared for the consequences (including going nowhere).”  Bobby Cappuccio

Deciding to make a change does not mean that we always follow through.  We need to be able to weigh the risks vs benefits of changing vs. not changing in order to move forward in our decisions. There is always a part of us or our unconscious that wants to hold onto what is a familiar known rather than risk change for an unfamiliar unknown risk.  

The Decisional Balance Sheet helps us weigh risks versus rewards and gain a perspective that we can use to rewrite our unconscious stories, acknowledge the disadvantages of not changing and embrace powerful positives to help us move towards change.  


Download and Print the Decisional Balance Sheet


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