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Feed Your Soul Companion Journal

The Feed Your Soul Companion Journal is your 6-weeks of Self-Care all in one. It compiles all of the weekly 'Feed Your Soul' journaling prompts and downloadable pdfs plus a few bonuses into one journal that you can print and use as a comprehensive workbook for creating awareness and measuring progress.  

You can download the weekly pdfs as you go - OR purchase this companion journal now, and have it all together in one place.

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Here's What You'll Get

6-weeks of step-by-step guidance on how to implement nourishing wholehearted self-care strategies that have been proven to reduce inflammation, shed stress, enhance wellbeing & create freedom. 


About Your Host

Tammy Martin

Owner & Exercise Consultant at Leap n2u Fitness

Exercise is an aspect of Self-Care that a lot of women struggle to implement because of time pressures or feeling already exhausted.  I created the 'Feed Your Soul' Program to help women fill their cups and to restore and feel energised again.

Customer Testimonials

“That’s really lovely Tammy! You’ve provided us with so many valuable resources, such great content and wonderful support. You are truly awesome and we are very grateful😘.”

LEAP n2u Fitness Feed Your Soul Program

K. Lawrence


I highly recommend Tammy's feed your soul challenge.  I recommend this to anyone who needs direction or who is struggling in any area of life right now. By incorporating all that this program consists of everyday, you will feel better and function better.

LEAP n2u Fitness Feed Your Soul Program

K. Allen


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