LEAP n2u Fitness Feed Your Soul Program

Feed YourSoul

Discover how to practice wholehearted self-care even when you're time poor

Learn how to harmoniously quiet the storm; to be clear, calm and centered, especially when it seems like everything else is going crazy.   

Feeling Stressed and
on edge 

Does it feel like life has turned upside down and gone crazy?  

Do you plan your days with clarity of purpose or are you constantly on edge, reacting to triggers and running around putting out fires? 

Let's face it, it's hard to relax when everything around you seems to be near disaster and screaming for immediate attention.  

If you are constantly in a state of hustle; holding back worries over relationships, work and responsibilities, or waiting for the next shoe to drop, your body will always be on guard anticipating a crisis.    

Do me a favour. 

PAUSE just for a moment.



Are you always primed and anticipating the next crisis?  

Just to be sure, how often is there REALLY a crisis?

No wonder we women end up out of sorts! 

Staying on a constant high alert pumps a steady stream of cortisol into our systems when cortisol is really only meant to help us wake up and run from a rhinoceros. (I know, usually it's a tiger.)  

 Staying on high alert throws our other reproductive hormones out of whack, keeps us wired and awake at night until we're exhausted and can't get up in the morning AND makes us pack on the belly fat.  

It's an unhealthy cycle that NEEDS to stop.

When can these tired bones finally catch a break?


Sign up and learn how to...

Feed Your Soul

create space for calm and stay grounded

Gain a deeper understanding of how nourishing self-care practices can restore those "tired bones".  Learn how to harmoniously blend these proven essential CALMING practices into your daily life so that you can REST AND RESTORE WITH CONNECTION AND PURPOSE.  

Here's What yOu Get With the 'Feed Your Soul' Program

'Feed Your Soul' is a 6 - week program that lets you experience first hand the liberating benefits of practicing wholehearted self-care.  Your guide,Tammy, takes you step-by-step through the science and practice of nourishing self-care strategies that have been proven to reduce inflammation, shed stress, enhance wellbeing & create freedom PLUS she helps you implement them in a way that is in harmony with your life.

PREP-WORK; Becoming a Self Care Terminator 

Get a head start on chillin' out by prepping and  connecting with your inner workings.  Reconnect with your goals & motivations and awaken your inner personal development Terminator.     

Movement & Exercise 

The first step to calming down is to let the body shed nervous energy.  Start winding down by ramping up your exercise and movement.  

Restorative movement Medicine

Restorative movement helps the body recover from exercise, tension and repetitive patterns. Learn simple hip mobilisations, self massages and diaphragmatic breathing to ease tension, boost lymphatic flow and shed stress away.

Restorative Nutrients

We are only as healthy as the nutrients and environment that we provide for our cells.  Give yourself quality sleep, ample hydration, nutrient dense foods, limited sugars and a boosted lymphatic system to restore and build resilience. 

Connecting to Self

When the body releases, the mind relaxes.  When the mind calms, the body quiets.  The two are interdependent.  Use cognitive restructuring, restful poses and mindful meditations to quiet the noise and live on purpose rather than reaction.  

Nature & Social Connections

Learn how immersing in green and blue spaces and the simple act of going outside barefoot improves physical and mental health.  Gain a deeper appreciation for how social connections like girlfriends and coaches can boost wellbeing. 

Living on Purpose

Before you go, we're going to put it all together and have a 100% day.   Then we'll plan for success by assessing how far you've come, what works best for you and how to harmonise your new practices into daily life.  

Go Forth and prosper

Congratulations!  Already you see a difference in how you perceive and handle stress. You're grounded and centered in your sense of self and purpose.

The rejuvenation training You need

Gain a deeper understanding of how restorative self care practices work and learn how to mindfully apply them to START ENHANCING YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE, NOW.

what's Included in the course?

'Feed Your Soul' is a 6 - Week Program packed with 7 training modules that are designed to guide you through the practice of harmonising radical self-care into your daily life.  Cuz, let's face it, times aren't going to change very soon and we need to start "selfishly" implementing these nurturing practices into our daily life to stay sane.

Feed Your Soul Prep Week

Prep Week

Getting Started with Goal Setting, Accountability & Overcoming Activation Energy

Week 1 - Movement & Exercise

The Neurological Benefits of Exercise & Play

Week 2 - Restorative Movements

Lymphatic Boost, Hip Mobilisers, Thoracic Self Myofascial Releases & Diaphragmatic Breathing

Week 3 - restorative Nutrients

Quality Sleep Hacks & Lymphatic Mojo for the Brain

Week 4 - Connecting with Self

Cognitive Restructuring Practices plus Restorative Poses combined with Mindful & Breathing Meditations 

Week 5 - Nature & Social Connections 

Benefits of Green & Blue Spaces, Grounding, Girlfriends and Coaches

Week 6 - Living on Purpose 

100% Day, Harmonising your new habits, Planning ahead

Feed Your Soul

is This Program right for you?

Who Can Benefit From  Our Unbelievably Simple 
Feed Your Soul' 


The 'Feed Your Soul' Program is for those who see the writing on the wall and are fed up with not having enough energy left over for taking care of themselves and fed up with being stressed, cranky and tired; only to collapse on the couch exhausted at the end of every day.  

To put it simply, 'Feed Your Soul 'is for you  if you are ready to start reaching for a heartfelt and deeply meaningful change in your life.

Generally Healthy

This Program is for people who are generally healthy and who can engage in gentle to moderate level intensity activities with physician approval to do so.  While higher intensity exercise is discussed, it is not necessary for achieving positive results in the program.

Want to Feel Calmer

FYS is for those want to and need to feel calmer, more relaxed and at ease.  Let's face it, unless you are moving to a remote getaway cabin in the woods, today's day to day pressures are not going to go away any time soon, so we need to take responsibility for managing them better! 

Overloaded & Overwhelmed

'Feed Your Soul' is for those who feel sandwiched between taking care of career, kids and parents.  Women who feel like they can't seem to catch a break and who feel that no matter how much they do, it's just not enough. 

Want A Self-Care Guide

FYS is for those who know they need to make a change but need a positive boost and a little help getting started with their self-care program.  We take you step by step through methods that are proven to help manage stress and elevate a sense of wellness.

Long Game Focus

FYS is for those who are thinking ahead and want to start taking care of their long term physical health, cognitive health and mental wellness by putting into place self care practices that help to reduce and manage chronic stress loads for creating optimal lifelong longevity.  

Who Is Feed Your Soul NOT For?

This Program is not represented as a cure for chronic depression, anxiety or mental illness.  It is designed to help increase knowledge and encourage the practice of self-care methods that are shown to help improve general feelings of wellbeing, calm and optimism; but not in lieu of or absence of guidance from a qualified Mental Wellness Practitioner.  

The Lymphatic releases demonstrated in the program may not be appropriate for those undergoing treatments for certain cancers, or who have had undergone certain breast cancer surgeries. If you are not sure, please consult a physician prior to practicing any lymphatic releases discussed in the 'Feed Your Soul' Program or by Tammy and LEAP n2u Fitness.

If you are ready,
really ready to have some energy for yourself, 


How It Works

LEAP n2u Fitness Feed Your Soul Program

Join a like-minded community for group coaching; sharing ideas, support and accountability

Online Coaching
Feed Your Soul is a 6 - Week online program delivered weekly via
LEAP n2u Fitness' Premium courses portal.   You get immediate access to the program once your registration is confirmed.
Weekly Modules
Video Tutorials, Downloadable PDFs; Journaling Pumps, Weekly Nutrients Checklists & Wellbeing Surveys.

Group Support Forum
Get immediate access to our 'Feed Your Soul' Facebook group

Weekly Accountability
Every week you get a downloadable Nutrients Checklist designed to help track your Self-Care practices PLUS a weekly Wellbeing Survey to stay connected with your progress.  You'll also be encouraged to connect with an accountability partner in the group where you both can support and keep each other on track.

About Your Guide and owner of Leap n2u fitness

Tammy Martin

Hello, my drive is to help inspire women over 40 to tap into their passion for life and fulfilment through movement and exercise.  Just because your body starts to change as it matures doesn't mean that you have to stop enjoying playful movement or tough physical challenges.  You just have to be smarter about it.  

I also coach outdoor group sessions, host face to face workshops, and coach online.  

Join me for the  'Feed Your Soul' program.  It is the missing link to health and wellness.  

Here's What Others Are Saying About The 'Feed Your Soul '  Program

Our amazing community are loving our coaching, here are some examples of what they are saying about the 'Feed Your Soul' Program

LEAP n2u Fitness Feed Your Soul Program

D. Robertson

"Thank you Tammy! I must say you are the best instructor/personal trainer I have come across.  Sorry I haven't told you earlier."

LEAP n2u Fitness Feed Your Soul Program

K. Allen

"I have suffered with depression and anxiety for years so self care is crucial for me.  Having someone like Tammy who is highly informative, caring and compassionate helped me to commit to myself."

N. Gourlay

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to invest time in yourself and to see the areas which could do with looking at to enhance your quality of life. It’s a supportive and nurturing place where I have learned a lot about myself and how to be kinder to myself.” 

what's Included in FYS?

You get 6-weeks of training modules that walk you step-by-step through self-care practices that are proven to help CALM the nervous system, RESTORE clarity and ELEVATE your sense of Wellbeing.  

complete access


AUD - one time payment

Online Course Portal 
6 - Weekly Training Modules
Online Coaching and Group Support Forum
Weekly Accountability
New Self Care Techniques Each week for 6 - weeks
Unlimited Access To The Program & Updates for 12 months 
Exclusive Invitations and Discounts to  'Feed Your Soul' Challenge Events

"You’ve provided us with so many valuable resources, such great content and wonderful support. You are truly awesome and we are very grateful😘.”

LEAP n2u Fitness Feed Your Soul Program

K. Lawrence

30 - Day Money Back Guarantee

Let's be fair, If you aren't sure that you'll be able to invest time utilising this program, please save your money and don't purchase it.  But, if you are ready and able to give it a solid fair go by practicing what you learn and by taking advantage of our support forum then definitely hop on board.  If you end up not learning anything new or you diligently try the practices and don't benefit in some way, I'll return your money.  Just notify me within 30 days of purchase.

More Questions?

Watch these videos and take a sneak peak into the program.  

Invitation to join the program and a pre-view of what happens when you make the purchase.

Come with me for a sneak peak
behind the scenes into the
 'Feed Your Soul' modules

Additional Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Life is busy for everyone, why do I need this program?

Yes, life is busy for everyone.  Are you witnessing your friends pulling their hair out trying to keep up with all of the running around that they do? Have you noticed similar feelings within yourself?  Feeling like you can't keep up and that even with all that you do, it's never enough?  Are you doing any consistent self care for yourself?
You need this program because those natural organic moments for JOY, CALM and REST don't happen like they used to do.  You must take matters in your own hands to ensure that you provide those moments for your own self, sanity and long term health. 

Why do I need a program to learn how to chill out?  Can't I just go for a walk or take a week off?

Yes, you can simply go for a walk and ideally take a week off.  Walking is excellent exercise and a great way to practice mindfulness.  But your body needs more to restore than just a walk and most people only get a few truly restful holiday weeks off during the year.  You can't just wait until you get a sporadic long weekend or a Holiday away to take care of yourself.  Our bodies don't work that way.  And quite often when we push, push, push for long periods of time we end up working up a health debt that we inevitably end up paying off once we do get to take a Holiday.  Have you ever left to go on a much needed Holiday that you spent a fortune on only to get sick as soon as you get there?  Yep, been there.  You can't run on empty forever.  You've got to make small daily investments in filling your Self-Care Tank every day.

Do I have to do everything in the program to see a long term benefit?

No, not at all.  I encourage you to go through all of the weekly modules and give everything in the course a solid go.  You'll see that the program is laid out with a new self care category each week.  I did this so that you invest at least a week exploring each of the practices to see how they benefit you.  By the end of the program, you'll have an expanded self-care kit combined with the self awareness to know what you need most when you need it.  

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